12 pack, Krome Assortment

Krippled Anchovy Unrigged 12-pack, Krome Assortment

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Krippled Anchovy Unrigged 12-pack, Krome Assortment. Get 2 each of some of the best selling Krome heads- #316-Peters's Choice on Krome, #320-Blue/Green on Krome, #330- Moby Grape on Krome and # 368-Army Truck on Krome, #400-Chartreuse/ Green on Gold, #306- Green/Scale on Krome. These 12-packs include 12 unrigged heads with pins. These 12 packs are a great way to save, get 12 heads for the price of 9. Picture may vary. Only at Krippledusa.com



Krippled Anchovy Unrigged 12-pack, Krome Assortment

Order#- KAURKRASST12pk