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Krippled Anchovy Unrigged 3-pack, Krome

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These are in very limited supply. Please limit your purchase to 2- 3packs per order right now. I will issue a refund for any order over the limit of 2- 3packs.

Hopefully we will be restocked soon and can get them for everyone.

Krippled Anchovy Unrigged 3-pack, Krome. These 3-packs include 3 unrigged heads with pins. Our most popular head. This one is the Energizer Bunny of Baitheads. We make every attempt to keep these in stock. Please check back if they are temporarily out of stock. Thank you. KrippledUSA



Krippled Anchovy Unrigged 3-pack, Krome

Order#- KAURKR